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Do you want to improve the face of pediatric medicine? I do!


In 2022, I created the Chunkos - a universe of characters who want to help kids.

Now, thanks to Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn, I'm working to create the Chunkos in hospitals where they get to be best friends for sick kids. Through interactivity, sculpture and animation they turn the hospital into a place you actual want to visit and turn waiting time into healing time


The project was started with two questions:


  • Can we make it so that kids with long-term care needs want to go to the hospital?
  • Can we make the hospital waiting room and pediatric infusion rooms a place that feels healing and engaging? (thus driving #1)


The thesis is that we can do this using character and storytelling. I am attempting to do this in various modules: sculpture, animation and interactive experiences. We believe that with an AI-based agent we can improve the child's experience and help doctors and nurses by alleviating some of the burden of care. 


In time, Chunkos will become members of the nursing staff by transferring information about patient needs, wants and concerns directly to the nursing community within a facility. Thereby creating a triple win for patient, care-providers and parents.

With advisors from organizations like Memorial Sloan Kettering, Publicis, UCSF and more, the project software is already in early stage development. But, we need more help.


Will you donate to improve the face of kid's healthcare so that over 3 million kids each year know you have their back?


Find out more here:

Chunkos Hospital Donation

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