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Kristina Libby (b. 1984, Damariscotta, Maine) is an artist based in New York City. Her work is an ongoing investigation into the profound experience of being human. Through sculpture, design, public art and fine art, she utilizes surprise, whimsy and disconnections to cultivate a sense of curiosity and playfulness. 


Through an expanding universe of known and imagined experiences, the work draws on science, history, anthropology, biology and technology to create speculative futures and alternative memories. 

Her work has been discussed and reviewed in the New York Times, Washington Post, NY Post, NY Magazine, NBC, ABC, FOX amongst many others. Notably, her public art series "The Floral Heart Project" was cited as the catalyst for the introduction of COVID-19 memorial legislation in both the US Congress and with the US Congress of Mayors.


Her pieces have been featured at the Arizona Historical Society Museum, One Community Museum, and the Milwaukee Art Museum.


She holds a B.A. from Dalhousie University and a M.A. from the University of Denver. She currently resides in NYC where she is also a writer and technology executive.

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