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What's The Dialogue About? This is a Newsletter and Written Series Dedicated to Public Art.

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

I love the potential of public art - not just for the way it creates beauty in a community but for the way it conveys messages, galvanizes change and drives social engagement.

For me, as a public art artist, it is the ultimate breakdown of museum or gallery barriers and the ultimate uplift of community engagement and storytelling. In an age in which we are inundated with news, content and technology, there is something so powerful about a message told in a single piece of art placed in the public domain. That power is not something we should take lightly -- rather it is an opportunity to create a better, more equitable and powerful world.

What to expect from this Public Art focused newsletter

  1. A semi-frequent series on news, ideas and information related to public art

  2. A bi-weekly email on public art resources, artists and opportunities


Sign up to subscribe on the home page, or via social media.

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