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 My art is about our power to transform. 

I believe art can be a powerful catalyst in helping to change perspective and generate social and individual healing. My art healed me after a traumatic brain injury and I have used art to help heal the community during COVID-19. My COVID-19 artwork titled the Floral Heart Project has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, NY Post, NY Magazine, NBC, ABC, FOX and many more. 

My art is anti-cancel culture. It's about the powerful transformation that can happen when we look ourselves and the worl

I have a B.A. from Dalhousie University and a M.A. from the University of Denver. A self-taught artist I currently reside in NYC where I am also a writer and technology executive. You can find more about my work outside the art world here.

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Art can be purchased here and here  or by contacting me directly.

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  • “To give joy when there is pain is an act of opposition but in the best possible way” - Cynthia Erivo 

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